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  1. Jim and Pamala,

    I’m so glad you had a great time in Kansas! I hope you enjoyed Council Grove, I forgot to mention that it was the last stop on the Santa Fe Trail for the wagons to gather supplies, also General Custer slept under a large elm with his troops during the American Civil War, it is now called Custer’s Elm. We enjoyed your company and look forward to reading about the rest of your trip! Drive safe! If your ever back in the area feel free to contact us.


    Mike, Alisha, Braden and Lakin Gray

    • Hey Gray Family,

      We did indeed enjoy Council Grove. Hopefully, we will plan an adventure together. At the very least, you guys have to do the obligatory Disney trip and visit us in Florida.

  2. Wonderful! I met you briefly at a truckstop in central Kansas and was very intrigued by your camper. Now after reading your blog posts I am even more hooked .I look forward to vicariously continuing on your journey. really like that you got past so many of the preconceptions about Kansas. We live on a farm in very northeast corner and it is so green and lush right now I can’t believe not everyone knows that Kansas can be beautiful. We also stayed at Wilson lake on our vacation. Keep blogging. Bill.

  3. Hey Pamala been following you and Jim in your travels,boy am I jealous. Have a great time and keep posting so us in Florida can take part in your trip.

    • Hey Mary. Will keep posting and am glad you are following because your hubby and you have been such an inspiration with all your suggestions from your own travel expereinces and not to mention your unwavering support.

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