5 comments on “I LOVE South Dakota!

  1. I remember when John and I were there many years ago seems like nothing changes thank Heaven. We stayed in a motel in Rapid City and when I opened the door in the morning the whole hill across the street was covered with deer, what a sight.

  2. OK…who has heard of Wall Drug? If you grew up in this region or traveled to this region, you are disqualified!

    • OK been there done that did you go to the Crazy Horse momument?
      When we at the badlands we saw scorpion scared the stuff right out of me, run into any?

      • We saw the Crazy Horse Monument and it is still not finished. What a story… And we did not see any scorions at the Badlands. They must have been there just for John and you!

  3. I have never heard of Wall Drug either and I did not know Thomas Jefferson created the first ice cream recipe. The buffalo made me hungry.. Bison burger, please!

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