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Remaining fit during our travels was a top priority. It was a hassle to make room for our bikes, but we did because they were an integral part of our fitness regime. Because space is a premium when rv’ing, I forfeited my weights and packed exercise tubing instead. I also had a list of exercises that required only body weight for resistance. Running shoes and other fitness apparel were also packed.

Well, let me tell you. Our commitment to fitness faded with each passing mile. There was always an excuse: too hot, too cold, not enough time, wrong environment, bears in the area…ad nauseam. I used the exercise bands once and performed body weight exercises twice. At the beginning of our trip, we biked once. The only substantial hike we did was in Montana, again at the beginning of our trip. I ran a total of three times in four months. Jim did not run at all. As the weeks passed, we participated in less and less physical activity.

On return from Alaska, we were feeling quite sluggish and decided it was time to get back to a regular exercise routine. So we began with biking while we were in Montana. It was a sad attempt at re-entry into the world of fitness. We were motionless, breathing as if we had a pulmonary disease, more than we were in motion. I would like to use the excuse that we are flat-landers and are not accustomed to climbing on a bike. But that is a prevarication. During our annual sojourns to New Mexico, we mountain biked regularly. We are, just plain and simply, deconditioned.

Since accepting that epiphany, we have recommitted to fitness. We have been biking and running regularly. We hiked the 8-mile Narrows Rim Trail recently and captured some breathtaking views once we reached the top. Next on our list is the 16-mile Acoma-Zuni Trail. We hope to hike the La Luz Trail on Sandia Mountain, if we can get in shape for that hike before it is too cold. Oops, we are doing it again. Excuses, excuses, excuses.






ADDENDUM: A few days after I wrote this post, I was attacked, not by a bear, mountain lion or wolf. No sir. I was attacked by a wild domestic dog. I sustained superficial wounds on the front of my leg and deep, or as we medical folks would say, full thickness wounds on the back of my leg. So now instead of getting into shape, I spend my days changing bandages and traveling 65 miles each way to go the doctor for wound care. So unfortunately, biking, hiking and running are on hold for now. Although I would rather have avoided being attacked by an animal, I think I now have a legitimate reason to delay regaining my previous level of fitness. Jim, however, has no excuse…so I say to him, chop, chop and no I don’t need you to stay here and help me change my bandages.