8 comments on “The Annual Westbound Migration from Heat and Humidity

    • Amazing? Don’t know about that, but we are definitely having fun!

      Thanks Tony. Keep an eye out, I’m way behind on posting, more fun to come.

  1. Great news that you are on the road and posting again. If you are ever near the “4 corners” area of kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri, please consider stopping by. We have a beautiful farm and love to host stopovers. 785-741-1969. Bill.

    • Hi guys,

      Glad your still following along! We’re staying well south of that area this year and just doing some short excursions using the cabin as home base. I haven’t forgotten your offer and thanks again for making it. It might be a while before we make it up that way again, but when we do we will look you up for sure. We have 24 acres in NM and you’re welcome here too.

  2. Hey guys, we’ve got your bedroom all ready and salmon in the refrigerator for dinner, just in case you make a detour on your way out west. Have another great adventure!

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