Spending time with my sister Ingrid is always a good reason to visit Memphis. Ingrid is one of the those rare people who always has a smile on her face and a pleasant disposition. She is also my biggest fitness motivator. A visit with her is not complete without our three-mile run at Shelby Farm.

To compensate for getting me out of bed at dawn for the run (she said that we had to beat the Memphis heat), Ingrid presented me with a ticket to Motown The Musical for my “early” birthday present. I enjoy live theater and don’t go as often as I would like so this was the perfect gift. Having Ingrid and my best friend Karen accompany me to the show made for a perfect girls’ day out!



I have to say hearing all those songs from my youth caused the body to rock and sway. I wish I could deny recognizing each and every song performed, but I can not. During my childhood, my mother played the early Motown songs until the lines wore off the vinyl. The later Motown releases were during my adolescence, a time when Karen and I were co-conspirators. Yes, the phase of my life has arrived where I reminisce about the mischief Karen and I were up to “back in the day” (as my daughters are fond of saying when referring to my youth) when any given Motown song was popular. They are memories that I will cherish for life. Thanks Ingrid and Karen for being a part of my birthday celebration and helping me create more cherished memories.

These are the images I captured of the super blood moon as it manifested in the mountains of New Mexico. Jim said I missed the best images when I was asleep.

i     ii

Below is the last remnants of the blood moon at dawn.




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