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  1. Hey Jim I just thought I would take a minute to say HI! Gina and I surely enjoyed meeting you and Pamala on the train in Colorado and hope you are still safely moving about as we have had to go back to work. Anyway, cool site here, lots of neat toys! Stay in touch and tell Pamala we said hello!

  2. Hey Jim. Was nice meeting you. Really admired your work on the Dodge. Appreciate you sharing your mods with me. Looking forward to catching up with you again. Please send me an e-mail with your address so I can send you some mail.

    Best regards.

    Peter Robinson

  3. How does the trailer tow with a 35 inch tire? I was going to go with a 31 inch tire, but after seeing yours I might put the extra set of 35’s I have on.

    • Hi Frank.
      The trailer tows fine once I figured out I needed to run max pressure to eliminate some sidewall flex. It was swaying side to side a bit at lower pressures. The BFGs were a D load range tire and when I went to an E load range it helped quite a bit. I still have to run them at near max for best results.

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