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After leaving Clearwater, we explored the Falls Grey Wilderness Area of B.C. Waterfalls and raging rivers were impossible to avoid, not that we tried. Even after seeing hundreds of waterfalls (I am not exaggerating), we couldn’t resist each one we encountered, especially when we could obtain close access to them. Unfortunately forest fires in B.C. were generating a lot of smoke in the area.

DSC_0165     DSC_0179

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By the end of the day, Jim was lured to this spot by the river to contemplate the beauty of nature, with a little help from an Irish Death Ale, courtesy of Peter Roesler.


The next day, we encountered an ancient forest in British Columbia that is a rare inland rainforest. It is one of a kind in Canada. The Red Cedar trees are gigantic in this forest and were due to be cut for lumber before this area was discovered by a botany student and protected as a Canadian national treasure. Some of these trees are reported to be between 1,000-2,000 years old.  Mind boggling that they survived droughts, forest fires and the good old chain saw!

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It wasn’t long before we were on the Cassiar Highway bound for Hyder, Alaska. Like much of British Columbia, this stretch of the highway was full of snow-capped mountains and yes, more snow-melt waterfalls.